smash bash mash ash

smash bash mash ash

Hulk Smash

Big Ben Ainslie continues to cement himself as Sailing Anarchy’s favorite Olympian; who else in this age of sanitized, media-trained athletes says shit like “They’ve made a big mistake…They’ve made me angry and you don’t want to make me angry.”? 

Ben was referring to his only rival for the Finn Gold, Jonas Hogh-Christensen, and Dutch sailor Pieter-Jan Postma, who Ainslie says ‘ganged up on him’ on the water when they protested him for hitting a mark he says there’s no way he touched.  Ben did a penalty turn to prevent being DSQ’d by a two-to-one witness advantage, then promptly closed a 15 boatlength gap, sailing through Christensen to take third in the race.  Ben now sits just 3 points out of the Gold.

We don’t know how real this ‘war’ is; the media could be misquoting to blow this up, or Ben could’ve manufactured the conflict to motivate himself.  But we’ve seen Ben get angry before.  And like the Hulk, when he’s angry, he tends to smash things.  Given Ben’s history, we wouldn’t want to be Christensen right now.  Thread is here.

Maybe the US Sailing Team needs to hire someone to piss off their sailors; with not a single US sailor in medal position halfway through the event, there’s got to be something that’ll get these racers going.

Pryde Bash
Clearly a few months of whinging wasn’t enough to appease the world of Olympic windsurfers; the RS:X Class filed a motion in London court yesterday seeking to overturn the ISAF decision to replace the boards with kitesurfing for the 2016 Olympics.  It’s a strange case due to the restrictions on legal action that Classes accept from ISAF, because the sport’s governing body already has a process for overturning the kind of mistaken decisions they claim happened when ISAF chose the kites.  For their part, ISAF is whinging right back about the case ‘damaging the sport’s reputation’ and that it will cost them money…There’s also a ton of money involved for RS:X manufacturer Neil Pryde if the Class can make it stick.  A complex situation that we’ll keep you posted on.

Melges Mash
Our friends at the Melges 24 Worlds pulled their shit together to offer a sweet little version of On-The-Water Anarchy yesterday, and with the fleets splitting into Silver and Gold tomorrow, it’ll be worth watching if you have the time.  Commentating are Harry Melges and Federico Michetti, the only sailor to ever win four M24 Worlds, and they are informative and great quality, even if the picture ain’t.  Check it out starting today.

Mainsheetgirl Ash
How’s this for community?  The world’s most famous topless Sailing Anarchist may not be with us in body anymore, but she is still making headlines and ending up in the most unlikely of places.  From Mainsheetsister:

Someone in California asked me to send him some of Catherine’s ashes a few weeks ago. Well, turns out he is an AC45 sailor.  Shortly after I sent the ashes, I was sorting some of Catherine’s papers, and came across her bucket list, which she had written in February and March. On it she had written "get to San Fran for the Americas’s Cup", so I shared this information in a message once the ashes were on their way to California. 

On July 20, 2012, at 2:25 PST, a bit of Catherine’s ashes were spread from AC45 #4, with the Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco skyline in the background.  When the sailor on board explained what he was going to do to the OR host, the OR photographer was asked to go out in the RIB to get some pics, which are what you see here. I just got these pics last night.

I was initially asked to keep things confidential, so I don’t want to say who is behind this amazing thing, but if that sailor wants to identify himself here to get some much-deserved credit for performing this act of kind, selfless generosity…well, that is up to him.  Let’s just say that as the whole thing came together, I was absolutely floored. Thread here