maxi mini

maxi mini

The "B2" design was based on the success of "The Box", a one off built for the model circuit in Antigua."B2" was designed using Delftship, with the goal of creating an open water capable 6′ RC One Design.
The Hull plug was cnc machined for accuracy and used to generate 2 piece female molds.
Hull & Deck are 100% Carbon, vacuum bagged & post cured. 

Our mast section is made in house as well, a 93" All Carbon spar with internal bolt rope groove weighs 8 ounces.
For the foils & bulb we were fortunate to enlist the help of Phil Kaiko. Our bulb is in fact scaled from an AC design of Phil’s.
CNC tools were also made for the bulb & foils.  Despite the size of the boat it can be rigged in 10 minutes and transported in a mid size car.  In the interest of keeping the cost down we’ve chosen a "one rig" approach with A, B & C sail sizes. 

So far testing of the "one rig" approach has been very good maintaining balance across the ranges.  We’ve sailed "B2" in up to 25 knots with the C sails (wow these are innovative looking sails – ed) with great results and reliability.  To date there are 4 boats, we hope to add a few more to the fleet this coming year.
Fingers crossed! Thread here.

John Fries
SA user name: Musicman
Contact: [email protected]