eyes open for jenn

eyes open for jenn

Jenn Gibbons

Jenn Gibbons has been rowing solo on Lake Michigan for more than a month to raise money for breast cancer. She’s one of those people who light up a room with her smile, and her voyage has attracted good people and good attention everywhere she’s been. And then last week, some fucking animal tracked her down to an out-of-the-way piece of Lake Michigan shoreline South of Gulliver in Mueller Township, Michigan, and attacked and sexually assaulted her. And while he hasn’t yet been caught, they’re looking hard, and maybe you can help. First, take a minute to check out her site, and consider sponsoring some of the miles that she is amazingly continuing to go after.

Anarchist “Fritz” met her just a short time ago. He writes:

I got to Know Jenn during her stop at Racine. She’s one hell of a woman, doing something which 99% of us could not. Rowing up lake Michigan at 2 kts, spending nights in a small boat offshore, on a body of water that has scared or spooked all of us who’ve sailed it at one time. I don’t think Jenn wants a lynch mob, but she deserves to have this guy caught before he decides to have another go at someone . Jenn’s doing something for women. Lets do something for her! Lets help find this guy.”

SuspectAnd from Jenn’s shore team:

Investigators have reason to believe the assailant traveled a significant distance to commit the assault. The suspect is described as a white male in his 30s, approximately 5’8” to 6’ tall, with a fair amount of facial stubble hair, but not a full beard nor mustache. The man has light eyes, an average to athletic build and shorter well-kept hair. He was wearing a grayish green t-shirt, jean shorts and tennis shoes. A bright yellow Jeep Wrangler was seen in the area. It has a spare tire on the back with a yellow smiley face on it. Investigators are seeking information about this vehicle. Anyone with information or investigative leads please call the Michigan State Police toll-free at 1-866-411-0018.

You can check the thread for more info, and if you see this guy or a yellow jeep with a smiley face on it somewhere in the Midwest, please call the cops immediately.