Of course we dig this sort of thing…

My girlfriend is a big time sailor in Long Beach.  Her name is Alicia Bryant and is a bowgirl on all types of boats out of Long Beach.  Boats like Farr 40s, Santa Cruz 52, Choate 40, has done a lot of sailing on the Reynolds 33 ‘Insane Asylum’, and has recently been very active in the Viper 640 fleet, including this last LBRW. 

She was raised on a 42 foot cruising boat that sailed all over the world until she was 13, went to Cal Maritime Academy where she sailed on their team a bit (as did I for 4 years when I went there). 

She is a die hard blue water sailor, loves every minute spent on the water and is one hell of a bow girl.  Think she fits the bill for SCOTW?  She doesn’t know I’m doing this, would be awesome if this could happen….I know she’d love it! – Anarchist Jesse