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back on the air

OTWAThe world of live, web-streamed sailing has changed an awful lot since On-The-Water Anarchy began, and while we’re extremely glad to see such an explosion of sailing coverage, most of it is still pretty bad.

And we didn’t want to be, so we regrouped, re-equipped, and scheduled a couple of fun events this summer with which to bring our unique brand of sailing coverage back to the public, and where better to begin that the biggest single yachting race in all of North America?

So that’s where we are: Beautiful Chicago, Ill, for the hundred-and-whateverth running of the CYC Race to Mackinac. 300+ boats including “Il Mostro”, one of the best parties on the Great Lakes, and a forecast for great weather and an easy-to-film start. And judging by a surprisingly well-researched (for a non-sailing pub) news story in the Tribune today, it all takes place in a town that actually understands the race and the sport.

We’ll be broadcasting live from the dockside on Friday, and at 6 PM local we’ll turn the camera on the Skippers Meeting for those who can’t make it to the Veuve tent. We’ll also get the weather briefing on camera, as well as a pile of live interviews with all the interesting people we can find on shore. Don’t fret if you miss it – by late Friday night you’ll be able to watch it all again, as you wait for our live coverage of the start to begin.

The race start will work much like last year’s, though improved at every level; higher resolution camera feeds, a pro cameraman, better on-board audio from the racers calling calling in, and a better spot on the line. It should be a lot of fun, and the action starts at 1000 CDT/1100 EDT/0800 PDT. Watch it right here on SA.

Use the Chi Mac Weather thread to let us know what you’d like to see out there, and if you’re at the CYC on Friday, be sure to stop by the tent and see the OTWA team.