daft punk

daft punk

Because the world doesn’t have enough around the world sailboat races, there are now plans for another one! What makes this one different, you ask? It starts (and finishes) in ‘San Francisco… Apparently there has been an outcry to have an around the world race from ‘Frisco, and thankfully, that outcry can now settle down to a quiet whimper.

The idea of – no surprise here – NoCal-based designer Jim Antrim, this race as being billed as "bringing sailboat racing back to the people" with a "run what ya brung" philosophy. Apparently contestants may stop during the race if they choose, or not – "the clock keeps ticking" as they say on their site…

The clock is ticking alright, and when it strikes midnight, we think this one will turn into a pumpkin. A bizarre and unlikely idea that makes one think they must have some really good weed up there…

Title, appropriately enough, thanks to Daft Punk