fact or fiction?


fact or fiction?

From our pals at the IKA…

ISAFs decision to drop windsurfing in favor of kiteboarding has led to a major upset in the windsurfing community, and many articles have been posted in the sailing magazines.
Most of the arguments brought forward are presenting a biased viewpoint, and do not accurately represent the discipline of kiteboard racing, and even make exaggerated claims about Olympic windsurfing.
The detailed answers to the following executive summary can be found here for your full information.

Executive Summary:

Fiction: ISAF regulations were not followed, the ISAF constitution was not respected
Fact:    We are struggling to see where ISAF REGULATIONS WERE NOT FOLLOWED.

Fiction: Kiteboarding is not mature enough
Fact: The only truth in this claim is, that kiteboarding is still a young sport. And yes, it is
developing and not 100 years old. Isn’t that exciting and exactly what the IOC requires
from ISAF ?

Fiction: Kite Racing Equipment is much more expensive than the RS:X
Fact: Kiteboarding equipment is cheaper and easier to transport than any other Olympic
equipment while presenting the most high performance sailing to the world audience

Fiction: Kite Racing is unsafe
Fact: The windsurfing supporters continue to fail to deliver a single claim for serious incidents
in kiteboard racing.

Fiction: The kiteboarding technical report is not accurate
Fact: There is fact, there is fiction, and there are many different opinions. We understand that
the ones fighting for their windsurfing dream have a different opinion than we have– which does not make their opinion the truth.

Fiction: Emerging Nations stand to lose big
Fact: Kiteboard Racing should be seen as a chance by the emerging nations, not as a threat.
Getting up to international level with a serious chance of winning medals is much easier
than in any other long established sailing class.

Fiction: There is no youth pathway to kiteboarding
Fact: The pipeline is already up and running. The pathway is learn to sail and learn to windsurf.
Considering that the US dominated the last Worlds, it seems like this very “loose” pipeline
does get excellent results, but others will learn fast and adopt this system.

Fiction: Thousands of kids are affected
Fact: Go fly a kite. This is what kids love to do !

Kind regards,
Markus Schwendtner
IKA Executive Secretary