i walk alone

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i walk alone

The latest from the Open 50 Truth skipper Alex Mehran on his way to Hawaii in the Singlehanded Transpac.

Days are turning into nights out here on Truth. With 1,300 miles of racecourse behind me and trade winds sailing at its best, life has become pretty routine.

Last night at dusk  I had a repeat of the scary cloud formation and given my position I decided to take the kite down and run low in the 155-160 twa range with main only. It felt a little wimpy, but with 1025.5mb on the barometer I was dangerously close to the center of the high, I had not gotten any westerly shift and the wind was stuck in the 30s and honestly I was nervous and wiped. I just couldn’t fathom taking my medicine gybing onto a due south heading or blasting along at 18 knots for another black night.

Hitting the half way mark yesterday was a cool moment, but the overwhelming emotion was one of isolation. I had been running with a full main and masthead kite for 48 hours and that is a lot of canvas on this boat. There is so much load and so many bits that when broken cause disaster. The thought of fishing a kite out of the water, dealing with a downed rig or worse filled my mind. The fact that it made sense strategically made going low profile for a bit a no brainer.

I managed to hold onto the isobar I was on through the night and in the pre-dawn hours I gybed and re-ballasted the boat, banded up the tack of the A4 and around 6:30 pst put the kite back up. It seems like karma plays a big role out here as off I went with a 65-70 wind direction and on the making gybe! It has been an awesome day and I feel rejuvenated. Best of all I am now only 830 miles from Hanelei.

One Montego Bay race to go!