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modest truth

Alex Mehran checks in from the Open 50 Truth on his not so lonely way to Hawaii...

Good morning from the Solo Transpac racecourse!! It is a beautiful day in the eastern Pacific reaching along in fourteen knots at 115 true wind angle under code 3 and full main. We (meaning me, as my dad pointed out so astutely yesterday morning) have ticked off around 700 miles over the ground since the start and stand 1447 miles from the finish in Hanelei presently.

The weather has set up a very enjoyable race so far. There was 20 knots leaving the bay giving those watching a good show only to die a couple of miles out. That was followed by seven hours with six knots in pea soup fog which required sitting on the bean bag getting misted while dodging small fishing boats, crab pots, whales and other floating bits…. After, there was a solid clearing breeze that had me and the rest of the fleet tight reaching. Truth had one reef swapping between genoa and solent until yesterday morning when I set the masthead code sail in a moderating breeze. Ever since it has been perfect conditions for the 50 requiring only modest attention to George the autopilot and tending to the systems on board which have been working great apart from the laptop which had some momentary glitches yesterday. Oh yes, and the Evergreen ship that was nice enough to let me pass ahead of him yesterday morning after we had a close encounter.. very close for the middle of the ocean!

If it was the 1-2 I’d be having about a dark and stormy (in a can) right now, but it seems there is a ways to go for this run. Looking forward to getting a big kite up later today and getting cranking! Track ’em here.