mold matters

mold matters

So you think you want to build a C-Cat? Perhaps you have dreams of knocking off the Canadian Little AC champs with the latest in your wing technology or perhaps you want to build a soft sail version for ripping around with a few hotties on board and a couple of cocktails. Maybe that first step of building tooling has seemed a little expensive.  Until now.

Today is your lucky day. We’re having a big huck-out down at the Object 2 Skiffworks shop to make some room for new projects, and as such, we’re selling the molds for the 2007 Little America’s Cup winner, Alpha.

6 hulls have been pulled out of these beautiful 2 part molds. They are built for high temperature applications so they can stand up to the oven. Reinforced with an aluminum substructure, they are in pretty good shape.

Want to get up the learning curve faster, these might be just the ticket to get the ball rolling for you with the boat that finally ended the US dominance of the Little AC.
Bottom hull mold and bolt on top deck molds are part of the package.

Alpha won in 2007 over Cogito, and again Alpha was second in the 2010 LAC, skippered by Glenn Ashby and crewed by Jimmy Spithill. These were also the tool used to build Off Yer Rocker, and we had another set of hulls from these tools back in 2007 as well for testing.

This is just the hull tooling, not the beams or foils or wing parts. This tooling alone is worth more than most sports cars new off the lot.

So, make your best offer and make it soon, the clock is ticking on these babies.  Our preference is for them to stay in the class and to produce actual C-class cats.  All reasonable offers will be considered. The point is to get them out of the shop by Mid-July.  

Let us know if you’re interested by hitting the thread here.