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Anarchist Pete wraps up his first regatta with his Schock 40 Napalm in the Morning…

I think from just about anyone’s perspective the 2012 Long Beach Race Week would be deemed a success. Fantastic weather and great breeze all three days made for some great sailing. I won’t waste a lot of ink (or bytes as it were) listing all the winners, you can get the full results here.
As with any regatta there are some they did very well and some things not so well. So here goes.

On the plus side, great turnout in the Open 5.70 and Viper 640 fleets. 21 boats and 15 boats respectively. J/105’s had 13. Four TP52’s showed up as well, not enough for their own section but had their own little battles within PHRF 1. The Random Leg boats had grew to 12 boats this year so they split them up into two sections. It was good that no one had to deal with any bullshit wristbands for food, they just laid it out and let everyone have at it, and it was pretty good too. The parties were good with Mt. Gay being a sponsor and I think for most part everyone had a good time. Suggestion, put out a couple of kegs and let everyone have at those too instead having to wait in the bar lines.

For the minuses, not too many. Most disappointing in boat turnout had to be the Farr 40’s with only seven boats when there should have been 12-13. Not sure where the rest of them are and the J/80’s was down to only six boats. With thirty six boats racing buoy in PHRF separated into five sections the organizers should have posted the boats rating when it entered. Nowhere on the website or Regatta Network were the ratings being posted so you had no idea what you were up against. This would prove to be in issue in our section.

As for us we had a blast and learned a lot about this tricky, quirky boat. It took two days of bad tacks, bad jibes, bad sets and bad douses before we finally got it right. Sunday everything came together and we executed all our manuevers perfectly. When properly dialed in, this boat is a weapon. We have some work to do on our upwind boat speed and the J/125 "Derivative" gave us a great example of how it’s done.

We ended up going 2-2-4-4-4-2-3 for a 3rd. We would have had a 2nd if not for the above mentioned rating issue. One of the boats in our section, who will remain nameless (Tiburon – Ed), entered the regatta with their San Francisco rating of 27 while the exact same boat rates 18 down here. Since this is a Southern California regatta sailed in Southern California we felt they should have been scored at the SoCal PHRF rating of 18. We protested them but it was deemed invalid for not filing the protest within the proper time limits. While the protestee was visibly upset and proclaimed to the protest committee that we’d be friends and buy us a drink afterwards, he stormed out of the protest room like a little girl who just had her feelings hurt. Whatever, 2nd place is just the first boat to lose. We went back to the bar and had another Mt. Gay.