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eastbound & down

After a fair amount of research and deliberation, I have decided that the Viper fits the bill for what I want in a sports boat- fun to sail whatever the conditions, small crew, easily launched and handled both on and off the water, economical to buy and maintain, and with an established one design fleet overseas and with 8 (soon to be 12) boats already racing in Western Australia, there are good prospects for the same in Eastern Aus.

So to get things going, I have become Rondar Raceboats’ agent on the East coast of Australia, and have negotiated a fleet building deal for the first 12 boats in. We have a container leaving the UK at the end of June (August arrival). As an incentive to get the class going, we are offering a 12% discount for boats ordered prior to shipping. So subject to any exchange rate changes, a fully set up Viper, on trailer with all fittings and ropes, full cover and Hyde Sails is currently $35,000.

Email me, Mark Griffith, if you would like more info. For Western Australia, contact Rod Berteaux for more info.

The Western Australian Viperers are coming to America in the fall, for the 2012 Viper 640 North American Championship. With 41 Vipers racing at Charleston and 44 Vipers already registered, you should come too, Rondar can still build you a boat in time. Contact us!