and then there’s this…


and then there’s this…

To the ISAF and Federación Mexicana de Vela:

I am the father of a young windsurfer. He is a 16 year old and he is sailing in
the Mexican Sailing Federation. His biggest dream was to represent Mexico in the Olympic Games
of Rio de Janeiro 2016, which he had been training for since he is 12 years old.
Due to the latest decision made by your organization to change the event of windsurf to the
kitesurf for Rio 2016, we are now reconsidering our strategy on goals. My son is studying the
option of switching from windsurf to kitesurf to continue to pursuit his dream of competing in
the Olympic Games.

Other than the issue that this possible change of disciplines will mean an economic expense, as
well as finding the right conditions and place to practice kitesurf, I have a bigger issue. This is
why I am asking for your help.

My son, at the moment is under an insurance plan that covers major medical expenses. This
insurance company is one of the biggest companies of the sector, a multinational that is
represented in 57 different countries around the world. I contacted them to inform myself if they
would cover any possible accidents that took place during the practice of kitesurf. The answer
was negative.

I have researched and contacted two other major and recognized insurance companies in Mexico,
I got the same answer from all of them. None of these insurance companies covers accidents
during the practice of kitesurf because it is consider a high risk sport.

If I were to not find any insurance companies that will cover my son and his civil liability for
others in the beach while kitesurfing, is the ISAF going to be accountable for any possible
accidents and take care of any medical treatment need it? What solution could you give me to
this issue I’m facing? Did you think about thousands of kids, young boys and girls kiting without
medical insurance around the world?
I will be waiting for your answer.

Thank you and best regards.