over before it started

over before it started

The much heralded C-Class vs. Nacra F-20 Carbon ended unsurprisingly with a walkover as the world’s most efficient sailboat made mincemeat of the king of the beachcats in four races at the Water Rats regatta in Toronto.

 Click here for a look at just how much a different league Canaan is upwind from even the most modern beach cat, but the F-20 with its big kite was able to get back a little of the 5-minutes the Little AC champ put on her on the upwind legs.
From one of the instigators for the showdown, SA’er “catsailordude”:

An off-the-cuff remark that I made on January 27th got all this started and led to a show-down of the world’s best C Class Cat and a Nacra F20 Carbon driven by two-time Olympic Tornado sailor Oskar Johansson–and it all happened at a small, club-level regatta I was organizing…I think things worked out very nicely. Fortunately I wasn’t stupid enough to place any wagers on this match-up.

Thanks again to the C Class guys (Fred, Magus and Dan) for adding excitement to our event, to Pitchpoledave for lending his boat to Oskar, and to Oskar for bringing some star-power to the event. It was definitely a day to remember.

Results from the regatta are here, some more photos like this one are here.  Check the thread for reports from the sailors.