local knowledge


From Kathleen in Antwerp, Belgium. It starts like this. Kathleen asks: "Honey, if I had enough money, I’d like to buy a new 40-foot J-Boat, OK?"  Eddy answers: "Hmmm.  I once saw sailing during Ramsgate Week in England a J/39 that sailed and performed so well that I immediately had great respect for this design." That same evening, Kathleen and Eddy ("Ice") searched on the Internet for various boats-for-sale. Ice was immediately charmed by a J/39 in Trinidad for a very attractive price in USD.  But, in France there was a J/39 for sale with a factory-installed wheel-steering option that was preferred.

Said Ice, "We found this J/39 in a French shipyard near La Trinite Sur Mer. She was left behind in the  shipyard for more then 6 years!! My wife Kathleen and me bought this beautiful racer/cruiser and started to refit her last summer. It seems that the new Clubracer is gonna hit the water for summer 2012!"  Sure enough, Clubracer is launched, looks gorgeous and according to Ice,  "will be used for doublehanded regattas, as a press boat (for www.clubracer.be), and last but not least for our holidays."

(Check out the J/39 IOR Racer website. Old school, yo! – ed