from their living room to yours


from their living room to yours

If you haven’t seen them yet, the Volvo Ocean Race’s ‘LiveX’ concept is simple; Every other day while at sea, VOR headquarters gets the skipper of each boat on video to answer questions for 10 or 15 minutes and show the fans what they’re experiencing, and it’s all livestreamed through, well, Livestream. It’s a great look into what fans will someday be able to expect from all the great races; live video that brings you right into the cockpit of the boat just like in-car cameras do for auto racing.

Apparently, someone at VOR headquarters liked our interviews a lot, because they asked if we’d like to conduct Wednesday’s live video interview with Ken Read aboard Mar Mostro as they hurdle toward the Brittany coast. And of course, the best stuff on Sailing Anarchy always comes from the Anarchists, so here’s a chance to get an answer for what you most want to know about this leg, the Puma team, or anything else that you think the boys in red can answer quickly in potentially nuclear conditions.

So post what you want to know your here and we’ll work the best questions into our interview.  And our friends at VOR have even offered a little swag for the two best.

You can watch our live interview with Kenny on Wednesday at 1300 EDT/1000 PDT. The live stuff autoloads if you leave VOR Livestream channel up in a tab, and switch over when you hear the sound come on.  Also, Volvo is linking up with the fleet again on Friday for a sort of ‘fan appreciation day’ – ask your questions on their Facebook page.