Some may think SA’s Sailor Chick of the Week is a joke, or an example of SA’s rampant sexism, lots of women have realized that it’s one of the biggest honors they can get in a sport that makes little effort to even acknowledge the 8-10% of racers that don’t have a penis.  We love how psyched most girls get when we name them Sailor Chick of the Week, but it’s not only for sailors; we honor any woman that we think makes an impact on the sport we love.  

So this week, we honor Bayview Yacht Club’s “Pink Pussycats” – four young beauties who spent three days walking around the Detroit Club with huge smiles on their faces, making sure everyone knew that Bayview’s inaugural BOD regatta wasn’t at all like the corporatized, homogenized NOOD that it replaced.  Sometimes, a little bit of pink is all you need to have a great regatta.

See ‘body builder’ below for a Clean report on the event, and congrats to the girls for keeping us smiling!  Photo from Marcin Chumiecki/Photo Element.  Oh, and we like this cover of Aerosmith’s well-known ditty when we’re going for pink.