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talking points

Is this really what it has come to – begging supporters to bring their pom poms and cheer for the AC in ‘Frisco? Shouldn’t they be a little further along and not really need this?

Dear America’s Cup Supporters,

To follow up from our previous message, we can now provide more detail on the BCDC Major Permit Hearing.

TIME: 1:00 pm
Location: Port of San Francisco Board Room,
Ferry Building, Second Floor,
San Francisco, CA 94111

This hearing is extremely important to us as we near the end of our BCDC approval process. We would hugely appreciate your support through attending and speaking in support of the America’s Cup events and have highlighted some key messaging below:

  • The America’s Cup events are providing amazing public access opportunities for all
  • The America’s Cup team have worked with the community to accommodate disparate needs
  • Not only San Francisco, but the entire Bay Area will be able to enjoy the America’s Cup  World  Series racing in 2012 and
    The America’s Cup Racing & Events in 2013:
  • The America’s Cup provides not just spectacular viewing opportunities of the racing but also a    fantastic shore side experience for all
  • The positive impact this world-class event will have on our City
  • Please do not delay approval and vote today in favor of the America’s Cup

We appreciate your time is very valuable and want to extend our sincere appreciation for your involvement and reaffirm that your voice makes a huge impact and is vital to the success of this project.