gopro video friday

gopro video friday

On the day that started it all, we’re pleased to announce the winner of a shiny new GoPro HD Hero2 to Sam Greenfield, the smart nipper behind the Wild Things video we ran this morning.  A creative and clever tribute to recently deceased children’s author Maurice Sendak, the video features Atlantic Cup competitors and support staff reading Where The Wild Things Are. hope to be able to run a version of it again shortly (after Sam has sorted out a copyright issue or two), but in the meantime, we’re happy for our friends at GoPro to send Sam a new bit of kit.

New Contest: Live View
We’re halfway through a year of Sailing Anarchy/GoPro Video Contest giveaways, and it’s time to mix things up a bit.  We encourage everyone to keep posting your videos to our Facebook page to get them in front of more people, but if you want to win a new GoPro, it’s time for something new.  

So for June, use any camera you have (though GoPros work best, especially on a stick) and shoot some underwater life around a sailboat.  Dolphins a-leapin, Mahi-Mahi a-bitin’, pilot fish a-pilotin’, even a sunfish getting sliced in half by a daggerboard; if it’s alive, shoot it, edit it, post it, link it to our Facebook page, and win a camera.  If you need to buy some GoPro stuff to win a GoPro, check out what they’ve got for sale here. Now for today’s videos:


character building

We remain disappointed that the otherwise great work from Volvo MCMs continues to fail at the job of humanizing the crews.  Whether this is because of MCM inability or because the sailors are just that boring, we can’t figure out.  All the more reason to share this character-rich “out-take” video from May’s friendly Atlantic Cup; a race where almost no one is boring.


character assassination

Just because RAN has one of the best crews and most experienced programs on the water doesn’t mean they don’t have their fuckups, like this grinder getting tossed across the cockpit of the TP52 like a sack of potatoes by a gybing mainsheet.  But they do recover; Ran won the race and took third in the Barcelona “TP52 SuperSeries,” the first of the new event that kind of, sort of replaces the MedCup.


blue dream

Audi Azzurra has the only new TP52 in the SuperSeries fleet, but they still couldn’t beat Quantum for the first event.  Though losing on countback our first time out ain’t a bad start!  We dig this short boat tour from Simon ‘Stir’ Fry, especially the ultra-slick sheet retrieval system…we want one!  There’s a thread about it here, and some details from the manufacturer here. A kind boat deserves a kind story title…here’s what blue dream really is.


hit the books

Damien “Damo” LeRoy is well known here as a long time Anarchist and producer of many of the sexy kiteboarding videos we run on the front page.  He’s also the 2011 Kiteboard Slalom World Champ (we think), but hasn’t been a factor in the constant speed record attempts that are part and parcel of the kiting experience.  While a Hawaiian record may not be too big a deal, 44+ knots in non-trench water certainly is, and we give him major props along with new women’s Hawaiian record holder, Kalia Aguera.  Now watch him go.


hit back

Franco Rossini owns Italy’s Blu Moon, one of the most successful Melges 24 teams in the Grand Prix Class’s history.  With the 2012 Worlds coming to Torbole in Lake Garda, the place where Italy’s intense passion for the groundbreaking sportboat was born, you’d think he’d be in a great mood.  But Franco is pissed, and in this 8-minute video, he hits back at the management of the International Melges 24 Class, specifically at Class Prez Riccardo Simoneschi, who he says is “not worth the title.”  Rossini claims that Simoneschi (who owns and helms “Giacomel Audi”) has damaged the Italian Class, and has taken shameful and harmful managerial actions based solely on his own personal and financial interests.  It gets stronger – the subtitles are good but we wish we spoke Italian for this one!