old folks home?

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old folks home?

We received this little note from these cruisers, and their last sentence got us thinking – are long distance cruisers mostly older folks…?

Capucine and Adrien, just turned 30, wanted to go to Sydney, but how? Let’s go by boat. Adrien, having competed a fair bit and being a sail designer for Quantum, was looking for a specific design not found on the market. A call to Charles Bertrand, from Fox tech yacht design, and the Fox 10,20 got her first lines. Hull and deck got professionally built before Capucine and Adrien took over to fit out the interior and all of the systems. Within 2 years, the first Fox 10,20 called Capado was floating in Marseille, France.

In March 2011, Capado started her westbound route towards… Marseille two and half years later.

Right now we are in Brisbane, after countless miles through the Atlantic, Panama canal, the Pacific, Sydney and Auckland (to see the VOR, great show by the way). In the meantime, we edit a blog:  it is in French (thank you Google translate!) but videos are for everyone to watch.

Now off to Darwin, then onto Indonesia before tackling the Indian ocean towards South Africa and then up the Atlantic all the way to New York and home in september 2013. Still many friendly encounters to make, and we really would like to see more yachties of our age!

Fair Winds,
Cap and Ado