runnin’ with the devils

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runnin’ with the devils

Global Ocean Race reports from Cessna and Financial Crisis…

We are being stalked by deepening depression in the North Atlantic that will hit us tomorrow with anything up to 50kts. Despite sailing through some really strong conditions in the southern ocean legs of the Global Ocean Race this is the first time I have seen the single triangular wind barb for 50kts on a forecasted storm that is about to hit. It doesn’t look that scary from an armchair but out here it really gets your attention.

We have just turned out a 330 or so mile day under fractional spinnaker and Code 5, increasing our lead over Marco by 138 miles in a day. We were fortunate to have wind in the mid thirties and flat seas for a decent period. We peaked out at 24kts and averaged 17kts for a 3 hour sched. Considering that the Volvo boats are in in the same neighborhood and Abu Dhabi just extended on the fleet with a 338 mile day and it feels pretty cool to be running with the big boys. It was recently announced that the Farr VO70 cost 9.5 million euros to build whereas our little fiberglass fixed keel 40 footer can be on the water for a 20th of that and out speeds look even better.

Now all we need to do avoid the building weather bomb and we’ll be sweet.

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