cup chat

cup chat

Saturday marks our first On-The-Water Anarchy “Cocktail Hour” since August, and tonight’s live talk show will feature the inside story on the Atlantic Cup from the folks who created it and keep it running.  Founder Hugh Piggin, PRO Anderson Reggio, 11th Hour Racing’s Rob MacMillan, and a member of the video production team will chat with Clean about the innovative event’s genesis, the obstacles they face and have faced, and where the first race of its kind in North America is going.

Newport Shipyard is hosting the set, and Pabst Blue Ribbon’s convenient sponsorship will help keep everyone well lubricated.  This is the first of two Newport shows – tomorrow evening we’ll have the most interesting of the skippers for a slightly more humorous show.

Check in here at 1400 PDT/1700 EDT/2200 GMT for the live show, and watch it on the 8.8-million view strong On-The-Water Anarchy channel if you want to use the chat window to give us your questions.

Our show is sponsored by the good folks at Quantum Sails Newport, as well as the designers of the Leg 2 Champ Bodacious Dream, Farr Yacht Design.   Check ‘em out.