gun and bullets

getting ready

gun and bullets

Time to load the weapon

Mike "Rail Meat Hennessey looks ahead in the Atlantic Cup.

So I spent the first couple of days this week taking Cat 1 gear off the boat, stripping her down to the Cat 5 standard required for the inshore racing. Certain items required by the Class Rule such as the monster sized anchor and rode, or the storm jib and try sail, need to stay on but there was still a lot of weight that could be pulled off the boat. Spinnakers were pulled out of socks and banded, and the boat was otherwise tuned up for the inshore racing.

A weapon without any ammunition is not going get us very far so we have also lined up an all star crew

  1. Chris Museler – Co-skipper for the second leg, Chris is new to the Class 40 but has a deep resume in competitive sailing. Has been on the part of 10 teams from 1998 to 2011 that have won US Sailing Championship medals in match racing and team racing (5 Gold, 2 Silver, 3 Bronze)
  2. Mark Washeim – Owner of the Doyle Long Island loft and sailmaker for Dragon. Mark has an extensive and successful racing CV, including getting to the podium in seven North American championships in four different classes. 
  3. Stan Schreyer – Co-skipper on Estrella Damm when they set the benchmark time for the NYC-Barcelona Record. Member of the Tommy Hilfiger Team that won the Extreme 40 Sailing Series. Schreyer, a Little America’s Cup project manager for Cogito, has also been a U.S. Olympic Coach and a Collegiate All-American.
  4. Robbie Dean – Two-time British American Cup Champion and Collegiate All-American
  5. Ned Jones – Multiple National and World Championships in the Snipe Class. Jones is also a former sailing coach for Northeastern University and the U.S. Naval Academy

And then of course there is me. I will give you one guess on which team member is the weak link.
The team has hit the water and run practice sessions, and is feeling loose and good.