Six years ago, Hans Horrevoets was lost to us on the Volvo Ocean Race. The SA community rallied around his young family, donating thousands of dollars and sharing their heartfelt thoughts. Blue Robinson recently penned a poem for Hans. How easy we forget.

Twelve hundred miles from home
in the dark and off the breeze,
The guys are working hard on deck
In brutal building seas.
With the usual sounds of battle,
of "ease" and of "trim on!",
I ducked my head a moment
Then looked back and he was gone.

When you know your mates in trouble
Black thoughts running through your head,
You just go back and get him,
There’s very little said.

A moment is a finger click
A second split on two,
It’s an hours full of heartache
With so much for you to do.

And the moment that you realize
You have lost a friend so tight,
Who with all the crews have worked so hard,
And never stopped the fight.

Is the moment thats the darkest,
For your self and for the team,
And you never thought it would come to this
When you dreamed the winners dream

But moments are our lifetime,
Live them once,
LIve them well,
Take a moment with your family
Say the things you need to tell.

Touch the faces of your loved ones,
Hold the gaze of friends you trust,
Sail the boat, push it hard
Do the things you must.

And for a moment look around you,
In the world you are in
With the time that you are given,
Use it well.
Now begin.