the national socialism anarchy movement

the national socialism anarchy movement

An interesting response to our aussie cup story, on this mythical front page…

I have to say I was surprised at your article and its nationalistic tone about the appointment of  Grant Simmer to the Oracle team. Its the 21st century and amazingly the world has a thing called the internet This allows foreigners  to see what is happening even the USA. 

It also means many jobs are held by citizens of varied nationality all around the world. Some may  be indeed be Australians or NZrs and even some may be from the US of A.  This happens in Australia too, many Americans have held and currently hold senior positions in our  country. We don’t call for their jobs to be only held by Australians…..

The whole tone of your article flies in the face of what the WWW brings ….openness transparency  and elimination of national borders.

You should be aware that talk like this is where National Socialism started and while I know its long  way from there right now its allowing this type of article to circulate unanswered that these things  are allowed to begin.

Love the site…mostly.