morning commute

atlantic cup on board

morning commute

The morning position report found GryphonSolo2 in second place, trailing only the wiley crew on Campagne de France by a mere 1.8 miles. We now have the scent of blood in the air and are on full court press – Tristan has been baying at the moon – as any one of a handful of boats could win this race with 100 miles left to go. We are VMG running to the Big Apple, (going straight downwind as efficiently as possible) and gybing on wind shifts and the position of our competitors. A projected finish time in the wee hours of Tuesday morning is looking possible, which will be good so the paparazzi don’t bother us too much as we step ashore (right). So for now, we have too much energy and not enough to do, so we will brood and plot and kibitz and re-hash the same issue 5 times and come to the same conclusion.

So that is the morning report from GS2 – here’s hoping your morning commute went well and please send us positive vibrations via neurotransmitters or on VHF channel 27. 

Joe Harris