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sea escape

The racing season started and first races; the Spi Ouest, Monocup and Stickl Trophy on Lago di Garda, provided a fresh awakening after the long winter. With 4 National championship coming up in the following months (FRA, UK, AUT, SLO) and up to 30 Seascapes expected to join the biggest one, and Seascape number 185 leaving the yard last week, are happy to see that class is gaining momentum.

But more important for us – cruising aspect of the boat is also developing. "Raid Atlantique" organized by Francois Coutant got it Italian version with "Raid in the Venice Lagoon" organized by Massimo Farina and Alesandro Boato. At the same time Adriatic – Kornati base for Seascape owners has reopened and is regularly organizing short cruising in the National Park.

In the mean time Seascape 27 is nicely growing and we expect factory testing to start within a month. Since we will start building production tools only after we finish trials on the prototype, we expect this to be the best part of the project. 5 boats are already paid in total so the pressure is off. For better understanding of her place within the range you can check this benchmark chart.