baltic blasting

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baltic blasting

The music blows but the vid is sick – watch this Farr 30 go about as fast as a Farr 30 can go from Anarchist Patrick.

So, it might still be 6 degrees Celsius in the water and chilly in the air, but the adrenaline rush of  taking the Farr 30 for a breezy ride makes up for it big time. Swedish fleet is up to 15 boats this  season and with the Worlds coming up in Båstad in August, we are looking forward to a really fun  season here in Scandinavia. Also, the swedish Farr 30 series includes the ÅF Offshore Race Round  Gotland, 300M offshore sailing in the Baltic Sea.
Here are the Swedish National Champions Farrbar 2 during a

spring training session last weekend.  Top speed: 21 knots.