the spirit of…

the spirit of…

DC was sailing his Farr 60 Stars and Stripes in the SDYC Yachting Cup this past weekend when his kelp cutter broke on Saturday. Despite having a lousy regatta to that point, they decided to haul the boat that night to fix the kelp cutter and race the next day. A hell of an effort that not many people would have bothered with, DC went on to bullet the last day’s races and finish second in class.

There was only one problem: The sailing instructions state in item 20 that "Boats shall not be hauled out during the regatta except with and according to the terms of prior written permission of the Race Committee."

Not sure how DC and his guys didn’t catch this one before they hauled, or when they finally did find out
after they hauled, that they didn’t approach the RC to either ask for permission or beg for forgiveness, but they didn’t. There was a fair bit of bitching about it at the bar, and while they did technically break the rules, we’re not sure what they did would have justified getting thrown out. Regardless, today DC withdrew his finishes from Sunday, ending up sixth when it was all said and done.

DC told us, "I am sure I would have received permission to haul and make repairs if I had used my head
and asked. I paid the price of being remiss by withdrawing from yesterday’s races. Stupid is as stupid does!"