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kite control

Kiter Patrick Rynne gives his reaction to the new Olympic Class…

When I checked the computer this morning for my daily dose of social media, the last thing I expected to see was the recent ISAF decision on including kiting in the Olympics. My reaction was a mix of stoked, shocked, confused, disbelief, and then more stoke. The flux of athletes that will take the leap into the kiting world because of this decision will likely be significant. Kiting will now be part of ISAF Olympic class events and hopefully sailing clubs across the world will start adopting kiting into their curriculums.

Sure, having the opportunity to campaign again and represent my country at the Games personally excites me, but not nearly as much as being able to share the racecourse with more people. This has always been our goal, to spread the stoke and enjoy what I think is the most adrenaline pumping yet simplistic form of sailing in the world today. Respect has to be paid to the windsurfing community. They paved the way, and without them kiting not only wouldn’t be an Olympic sport, it wouldn’t even exist. I’m bummed for my windsurfing friends that the inclusion of kiting meant the exclusion of windsurfing. All I can say is that we won’t take the opportunity lightly, and that we’ll maintain the tradition that the board fleet is the fastest show in town!