when law is lawless

vor on board

when law is lawless

Leg 6, Day 13
5 May 2012 

Amory Ross, MCM
PUMA Ocean Racing

LOCATION: 55 miles NE of Anegada, BVI’s 
WINDSPEED: 1.4 kts 
BOATSPEED: 2.1 kts 
HEADING: 345-degrees 

It’s a good thing we’re floating in a lawless land because closer to shore someone might charge our sails with assault and battery for the inflicted violence it continues to exact on our rig. As we drift here, swaying side to side, the mainsail aggressively shakes life down below with its pendulum sweep across the deck, repeating itself every four seconds for what seems like an eternity now. Boom…boom…BOOOM. It only seems to worsen with time. 

Even though yesterday’s conditions were slow, they were better than expected. Even though we found ourselves in a massive split from Telefónica and CAMPER, we came out all well, lead still intact. Even though we went hours in sched darkness thanks to a technical glitch, we persevered – almost enjoyed – the comms blackout. Yesterday had the potential to be very bad, but it turned out to be quite good. Tonight on the other hand has been anything but. 

The instruments show just one knot of wind, and I would argue that a cruel inflation of the facts: there is nothing, anywhere. Fortunately, CAMPER is here too. We can see them and for the time being at least, we’re surviving. Unfortunately, Telefónica is not here, and we cannot see them. Who knows how they’re doing…it’s so far beyond our control at this point I haven’t bothered to look. We are where we are now and the only thing of any relevance is how fast we can leave. 

Hopefully the answer is soon, because this really sucks. But we are at the mercy of the weather gods, and all too often this race mercy is a courtesy they have never felt particularly obliged to extend! 

Staying tuned, patient and positive as ever. Today could be a tough one… The Gorillas supplied today’s lyrical inspration. Can ya hear it?