black swan

black swan

Last weekend we sailed the traditional season opening Van Uden Reco Regatta on a cold and windy Haringvliet in Holland. 

Short inshore courses with among others 5 Swan 45’s, preparing for the Northern-European Swan 45 circuit. Close racing with around 20 knots of wind both days, so day 2 (gusts 25+) saw some crews getting into trouble.
We (Swan 45 ‘Van Uden’) did too (dare to admit it now, as we can counter the shame with winning the event..), as you can see on this photo. Not even most hairy moment, which was just before.. 

Tactician on the back can be seen bracing for the impact, which luckily never came! Miraculously (and after what seemed like an eternity) Van Uden responded to the opposite lock rudder, righted herself and we continued, with our faces a touch whiter then before…. – Anarchist Harm.

Liberal title interpretation used to justify this one of our favorite songs by Thom Yorke.