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the digital age

the latest from SA advertiser Novasail…

Novasail introduces the NS360 Wireless, the first digital magnetic compass, GPS speedo tool and start line expert to interface with your PC, once again pushing the boundaries of sailing expertise.
New on the market, the NS360 Wireless makes America’s Cup start line technology available to every sailor.

Beat the competition before the race has even started with our sophisticated start line technology: the distance to start line information with the unique bow offset for exact distance and with a single push, combined with our super-sensitive true magnetic tactical compass, speedo GPS accurate to 0.1 knot and wind shift bar graph.

“The dedicated start line and timer buttons make the product really easy and intuitive, and that’s what we needed on the AC45,” says Thierry Barot, CEO China Team for the 34th America’s Cup.

NS360 Wireless – new synching properties
You can now prepare to beat the competition from the comfort of your home. Simply synch the groundbreaking NS S360 Wirelessr, work with Novasail’s innovative software in conjunction with Google Earth to set your route and waypoints, and export the information to the NS360 Wireless.

Once you’re back on the sea, the intuitive information you’ve come to rely on to keep you ahead of the competition kicks in, and all you have to do is focus on sailing.

After the regatta, synch the NS360 Wireless again and save all your information, making post race analysis easy and effective, and leaving you a clear log of races to refer to.