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Greetings from Chile!
About a year ago, my brother and I started restoring an old larch Pirat Class sailboat, which was in "flowerpot state". From the pictures you can  see how damaged it was, despite it looked well from the orange outside. But  the interesting thing was: The larch hull was almost completely well. The  eleven stations were rotten and the boat was pretty cracked, but everything  was repairable!

We started cleaning it all, sanding the paint out to see the wood  underneath it. Then it was time to replace the rotten stations. The  procedure was: hammering (yes, with hammer) out the old station, cutting  out the new one, assembling it over the wood, epoxying the joints and  screwing in some bronze screws. The same procedure, 11 times!

After about 2 months, the stations were in their place. Then, we flipped  the boat upside down. We realized that some parts of the hull wood were  actually rotten, so we took them away and replaced them with some old larch  from another Pirat boat that rested in the same state as ours. Then, upside  up once again. The patches had to be screwed down together. Otherwise, they  will crack again and water will come inside. We put an 1" wood tick over  every joint and screwed it. Step by step, it seemed to look like a actual  boat again. We build the pivoting daggerboard case out of 18mm thick  plywood and installed it. After that, the floor beams were in place. The  reinforcements for the deck and the watertight front-and-aft compartments  were then installed.

Up to date, there were 365 hours needed. We should now patch the little  cracks on the hull, bulk the joints from the outside with sikaflex, sand  everything down, varnish it and fit the deck and hardware. If everything  goes well, we should be settings sails in September!

I hope you like the work. I hope, also, that you motivate yourself with a  project like this. It has been a GREAT experience! It’s a shame that great  boats end their lives like this one, but is amazing to be bringing it back alive! – Anarchist Gustavo.