old man and the sea

on board

old man and the sea

Marco Nannini getting old onboard Financial Crisis in the GOR

I’m turning 34 today and this is definitely a birthday I will remember, my
first at sea in fact. During my first watch, when it was still night, I
started receiving the first birthday wishes, from Ella, from my brother,
from Roberto, my sailmaker, then my friend Enrico called me on the sat
phone early in the morning… Unfortunately i cant access facebook from
here but Ella sent through some of the many messages, there are loads
apparently. Thank you especially for those you sent directly to the boat
through my website at www.marconannini.com/sms, they really cheered me up.

Many thoughts are going through my head today, this has been a rather
special year. Twelve months ago this was something i was going to do, or
rather I was hoping to do, the final decision had not been taken yet to
sail around the world and here I am today. I feel as if a decade has
passed. A big change in my personal life too, a year ago Ella and I were
dating, today we’re engaged. A year ago I was working from nine to five in
an office, I havent had to wear a suit or anything ironed for that matter
since i quit my job and i don’t feel like i’m missing out on much…

I skipped winter by sailing to the southern hemisphere and back as the
seasons passed, a year of sunshine, of warm weather, of fresh air,
beautiful experiences and fantastic memories… I wish only i could spend
today celebrating with Ella, my friends, my family…

There’s no cake to celebrate, no candles to blow, it is scorching hot
outside and on the cockpit floor only a couple of squashed flying fish. I
thought i had stepped on something mushy whilst trimming the sails in the
dark moonless night, yuk! So thank you for the thought to those who sent a
round of virtual beers through the website at www.marconannini.com/help, I
really wish I could hold even just one glass of ice cold beer right now!
It’ll have to wait, all celebrations will have to wait till Charleston,
where a year older I will be one step closer to completing this epic