horses for courses

on board

horses for courses

We’ve been at sea just over a fortnight now and for the past few days
we’ve been sailing in a very regular band of the trade winds, with around
20 knots from our starboard side, the unexpected adverse current that we
had all experienced after the equator comes and goes and we still see no
sign of the favourable Guyana current that should be helping us along
the way… life aboard is very monotonous these days, revolving around
meals, naps and a few emails to family and friends interrupted by the
occasional need to trim the sails.

I guess if sailing around the world was as easy as the last few hundred
miles no one would bother, a donkey on tranquillizers could steer through
these waters but as usual the sea is not without its perils. Right here,
in the middle of nowhere, 400 miles from the delta of the river Amazon
we’ve had yet another close encounter with a small fishing boat that
suddenly appeared right on our tracks, we had to change course to avoid
it. Luckily we are still keeping a continuous radar lookout so once the
target was identified, a little blip on the screen, avoiding it was no
problem but a little distraction could easily spoilt the party.

I am really looking forward to the Charleston stopover, I will get to see
my fiancee Ella for four brief days, we thought we were not going to see
each other this time as any scrap of budget has run out but my logistics
partner "Ventana Group" has come to rescue offering yet again to cover the
cost of her flight, they have flown Ella to each and every stopover and
without their backing i think things would have been horribly difficult
for our relationship.

The other event that i’m looking forward to in Charleston is the meeting
with the local Mustang car owners clubs. Salvo Mirabella at the Mustang
Club of Italy is one of my most enthusiastic supporters and through his
impressive international networking skills he has managed to arrange a
gathering of Mustang cars at each stopover, from Cape Town to Wellington
and Punta del Este these beautiful cars drove down to the marinas to come
and greet the GOR fleet. The American stopover will be the biggest meeting
yet with enthusiasm for the idea coming from Myrtle Beach, Savannah,
Georgia, Columbia, North and South Carolina clubs, from the roaring
forties to the roaring V8’s it’s definitely building up to be a fantastic
gathering. If you’re in the area you should drop by the Lookout Pavilion
area at Charleston Harbor Resort & Marina at 4pm on May the 13th as we’re
expecting 50-75 beautiful Mustangs to cruise in for a friendly afternoon. – Marco Nannini onboard Financial Crisis in the GOR