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do it!

There are lots of good reasons not to do the Newport to Ensenda Race. There must be. There are people who have decided not to go. Here are the most popular reasons:

Good reason #1 – I don’t want to be killed in Mexican drug wars.
Yup, me neither. 98% of NOSA poll respondents agree on this point. Definitely don’t want to be killed in any drug wars like all those other N2E racers and their guests were. Or were they? Upon checking, I find that the drug wars aren’t really in Ensenada. In fact, not a single N2E participant has been killed by drug wars or anything else in Mexico. Cruise ships visit Ensenada for goodness sake and they boast a similar spotless record. There was a fishing boat accident on the other side of Baja this year, but that just shows that boating has risks, which we all know. I have been assured that as the new race HQ, the Hotel Coral has instituted a firm no-drug-wars policy.

Good reason #2 –  I don’t want to take the chance of it being a light air race.
Hmmm. Are you sure sailboat racing is a good fit for you? Have you considered a powerboat? Jetski? Or maybe a MacGregor 26? You’d never have to worry about light wind again. If you are serious, NOSA does have the cruising classes you can enter where you can use your motor at night, legally. It’s fun, it’s just not sailboat racing. Please don’t cheat on the time logs, ok?

Good reason #3 – I am unemployed and cannot afford to race my boat.
You know, this is a good reason. To this person I say, don’t forget all the crewing opportunities. (A good crew berth should cover ALL crew costs for the weekend.)

Here are the rest of the “good” reasons – I might not win, I don’t like my rating, it gets dark at night, I don’t like Mexican food, I couldn’t possibly do 2 races only 7 weeks apart, I don’t have crew (see #3 above), I won’t like the class breaks whatever they are, it’s too long a race, it’s too short a race, etc., etc.
I guess we are lucky anyone is doing the race with all these objections to overcome.

Wanna Race?

GOOD reasons to do the race:

  • Lexus is the title sponsor, and is giving away a 2 year lease on a new GS350, among other things.
  • Lots of Mount Gay hats and lots of parties
  • Revo is giving sunglasses to winning skippers
  • Charter Bus service is available to and from Ensenada
  • Concert/party at the Coral Hotel Saturday night
  • See www.nosa.org for details

Also, the lack of sportboats this year is beyond embarrassing. Where are the new Columbia 32’s? J/125’s? Melges 30/32’s? Any of you guys on the fence, please come on out as there are just a couple days left to enter. Anarchy is looking forward to kicking your ass. – Ed