Justin Scott checks in with a great Sailor Chick of the Week story from New England. Title from the always excellent Ben Folds Five.

Kate Henderson deserves recognition as an incredible person who has devoted herself to providing free sailing lessons for thousands of inner city kids in Boston.
PLUS, Kate would like to shout out to any Anarchists who work for corporations in the Boston area, that she wants you all to enter the Courageous Sailing Corporate Challenge.

Kate is Director of Youth Programs at Courageous Sailing. Her infectious smile is famous on the Boston Harbor waterfront, and with that smile comes an incredibly effective and determined young person. Since she joined Courageous in 2007, the Youth programs have grown exponentially. Nearly 1,200 kids a year get to learn to sail on Boston harbor. Kate manages 65 instructors. She started sailing teams for the Boston public schools, and on top of all that, she still finds time to develop and manage a need-blind youth sailing program.

Maintaining 58 boats in 3 locations and providing free sailing to over 1,000 at-risk and disadvantaged children each year costs a lot of money. Kate and her colleague Dave Di Lorenzo raise the money in different ways, but one that Boston Anarchists can have fun participating in is the Courageous Corporate Challenge. Each Monday evening for the month of June, twenty four corporate sailing teams race one design on Boston harbor, with corporate logos on the sails . The racing is fierce and close. It’s a great way to resolve those longstanding commercial feuds and then network at the cook out afterwards. Tell your boss that its tax deductible and good for team building (yeah right!). Best of all, your company is giving something special back to the kids of Boston.

Here’s the brochure. Give Kate a call at 617-242-3821. Let’s light up that Henderson smile and share our love of sailing with a bunch of kids.