dynamic duo too

on board, sort of

dynamic duo too

Clearly Marco Nannini has been at sea too long! From onboard Financial Crisis in the GOR

During the night we crossed the equator for a second time in six months,
technicalities and definitions apart i think i can now say I have sailed
around the world.

When i entered the race in April 2010, i probably didnt have a full grasp
of what i was setting out to do. At first i thought a round the world
racing project would easily attract the interest of sponsors but with the
world at a standstill over a deepening eurozone crisis and the fear of a
double dip recession things got harder and harder until I had to make some
tough decisions, I quit my job and set off anyway propped only by a few
minor sponsors, my lifetime savings and some borrowed money.

It’s been an amazing 6 months since we set off in Palma, lack of budget
has taken away some of the fun but i’m sure that time will make me feel a
great sense of achievement to compensate for it.

When i was in Punta del Este every person i met came to shake hands and
say congratulations, you’d think that’s normal after a tough rounding of
Cape Horn but i soon found out they were all referring to a different
piece of news, that of my engagement to my soon wife-to-be Ella! Ella’s
support in following my passion and ambition has been unconditional
throughout the race and it underpinned my decision to carry on when i very
nearly retired from the race in Wellington, she knew i had to go through
with it regardless of the finances. The contributions received from the
public became crucial and I’ll never through what initially was meant to
be a lighthearted page of my website at www.marconannini.com/help

After the race Ella and I will somewhat swap roles. Luckily she’s not
setting off for a round the world sailing trip, i couldnt bear the months
apart again. The boat is for sale and I will need to earn some serious
money fast repay my debts; we’re getting married in Autumn. It will be
time for me to reciprocate the support i received in following my passion.
Ella will soon quit her career in the legal profession just as i quit mine
in banking to concentrate on a project that takes her back to her true and
deep rooted interest in classical music.

Ella and I launched a piano competition that will take place in the first
week of October in London. The Open Piano Competition
(www.openpianocompetition) is open for entries to people of all
backgrounds, amateurs and professionals alike with no age restrictions and
will provide many talented pianists an opportunity to keep alive their
passion for the piano regardless of their age or the path that their life
has taken, like sailors only a few selected pianists successfully make a
living out of their passion and most have to have real jobs on the side!

I will provide all the support she needs as she did during my Global Ocean
Race, certainly no musical advice, I’m totally tone deaf and with the
musical talent of one of those small annoying yappy type dogs. I will give
instead some advice on the administration of the company as I had to setup
my own to run this campaign and I will be sharing the hard lessons I learnt
when raising sponsorship for sailing, because unfortunately even a piano
competition needs sponsors, advertisers or philantropic donations to run.
Is it just me or it sounds like sailing again?! The reality is that passion
can drive people to amazing achievements and the true priviledge is in
being allowed a shot at following your heart.

If you have an interest in classical music you should definitely have a
look at www.openpianocompetition.com and if you were looking to support an
arts project this is the perfect opportunity, please contact Ella at [email protected] she’s just as
passionate as I am about my sailing and it wont take you long to
understand why we’re getting married.