dirty laundry

dirty laundry

Napolitan artist Michele Del Vecchio threw a little satire at the America’s Cup yesterday with this “fun little homage” (his words) that strings one of Napoli’s unintentional symbols (laundry on a line) from the Oracle wings. Frankly, it’s the most entertaining thing we’ve seen yet from the ACWS Napoli.

The biggest shame about the situation is that, by all rights, the event is a massive hit with the locals, with a huge public area, fantastic ceremonies, and big crowds that have surprised the hell out of an ACAlphabet that’s gotten used to aiming low. But everywhere else in the world, spectators are stuck with the worst-yet coverage team, the worst-yet director, and a budget that actually shut off the feed before the third fleet race and all the match racing even started. Worse, we can’t even find a recorded replay – something that’s not live, not expensive, and…not there. More evidence that the Facebook (and Youtube) generation is yet another goal to fall by the wayside.

Maybe Coutts should just ask Artemis if they’d be interested in moving AC34 to Italy. At least they know the crowds will show up, and they don’t even have to spend a fortune to make them.

Photo via Repubblica and the original is from Guillen Grenier/Oracle.