two out of three ain’t good enough

two out of three ain’t good enough

In this week’s piracy log, the good guys got away twice, and the bad guys won once. It’s still a jungle out there.

How long will Somali pirates be in business if all the ships had some of this action for ‘em? Let’s hope they find out. “Warning shots!” – lolz.

Blockade Runners

Meanwhile, Iran State TV reported that their navy rescued a Chinese ship and its 28 crew over the weekend in the Arabian Sea, catching nine Somali pirates in the process. The pirates took the ship Friday but surrendered quickly when approached by Iranian warships, who weren’t about to let a cargo full of iron bound for Iran get out of their hands. With international sanctions making every ship that much more valuable to Iranian commerce, the ostracized Middle East nation may become one of the pirates’ biggest problems over the coming months.

Brutal Belize

One of Central America’s safer cruising grounds, the waters of Belize, were the site of a nasty attack on two American couples in their fifties (or more, reports differ). Noonsite reports that a Moorings catamaran was at anchor off the quiet Pelican Cayes when boarded by four men, who reportedly stabbed one woman in the abdomen, one man in the arm, and raped both women. These incidents in Belize are rare, though security continues to deteriorate down most of Central America’s coasts – some of the most beautiful and pristine in the world – thanks to extreme poverty, corrupt officials, and the trickle-down crime that infects everywhere touched by the drug trafficking trade. More unintended consequences of the War on Drugs, perhaps?