a long strange trip

a long strange trip

There are few things in sailing more tedious than the typical couple’s cruising journal, but occasionally, something a little ‘different’ pops up. Like Nick and Michelle, who are sailing an 80’s-era IOR Frers 50 back to New Zealand from Detroit, MI. Nick authored a short piece on getting to know the boat in Detroit Mag last year, and you can follow along yourself in the thread. Here’s the scoop from Nick:

The girlfriend and I are sailing home to NZ, setting off through the Great Lakes this summer from about the 20th June and heading for St Johns in Newfoundland before crossing the Atlantic. I’ve enjoyed reading these forums so I’m adding something back, both to titillate any merchants of doom who might frequent the site as well as hopefully gaining local knowledge from anarchists along the way.

We are in the process of packing up our lives into boxes with two weeks more of work before we go out to the boat and start on an improbable list of jobs which we cannot possibly complete before departure, but at least none of them should be show stoppers or things that can’t be finished as we go.

If anyone wants to share local insight on places to stop along the way with a draft of 9’8" please do so!