Puma hung on for the win by just 13 minutes against a very hard- charging Telefonica. Gripping stuff really, and props to Kenny and the boys! Here’s the latest from Puma skipper Ken Read:

I don’t remember when I wrote my last blog. I don’t really remember when I slept last. We started rationing food days ago and had our last meal this am. And I am really, really happy. 

This has been an epic leg. Like nothing any of us in the sailing world has ever seen. It seems like every leg we come in and say, "This was the toughest leg ever." But, this time we mean it. This was the toughest leg ever. 

Going around Cape Horn was amazing. Our duel with the incredibly unlucky Groupama. The remarkable fortune of Telefónica to get the weather window they did in order to eat up a 450 mile gap in the last 2,000 miles. And to be able to hold them off not once, but twice drifting to the finish when they closed the gap to within 100 yards. Just unreal. 

I am very proud of the boat building team, the shore team and all the engineers and designers whot put this boat together. Your boat made it folks. It is in great shape and lord only knows we put her through the ringer. The sailing team salutes you all. 

And to the sailing team who hung in there through thick and thin, amazing work. As safe as we can be. All in great spirits. And we get to do it all over again in two weeks.   

This is a leg and a trip that I will remember forever. Probably my last foray into the Southern Ocean. An adventure within an adventure you might call it. Glad this one is behind us and the "friendly" confines of the Atlantic Ocean await. 

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