four days of the condor

four days of the condor

Videographer/Producer Matt Knighton checks in from near Cabo on the Andrews 70 turbo sled “Condor.”

3 April, 1500 hrs

Dialled in and can’t believe the company we’re in. Then again, neither can they. Had the 3-6am watch and got to see the sunrise and surprise! Who is on the horizon just starboard of the bow…Alchemy, a similar Turbosled in our class. We had kept getting our race reports all night and knew we had been gaining on them but had no idea where they would be at sunrise

We’re both treading water at about 3kts of boatspeed in about as much wind. Switching b/t our 1.5A kite and the windseeker all AM.

Turned on the afterburners with a nice SW breeze that filled in at 10kts and I don’t think Alchemy got it. We pulled right up and before we knew it, we’re working a reach at 10-13kts of hullspeed and coming on fast. The whole day we’ve been playing cat and mouse and keep gaining gauge on them now that we rolled ’em. Whooping and hollering as the sun was out bright and we’re skimming around them!

Currently they’re quarter astern and the wind has died down again. Our higher rig means we’re taking advantage of some wind sheer and still gaining. A little over 30nm to go in the race and we want to shut the door on ’em. Even though they’ll probably correct over us, it’ll still be nice to beat these guys and have a little cred.

Wildlife all over. All of us took a look over the rail while we were rolling over Alchemy to see a sea turtle swimming by. A couple grey whales last night and a pod of porpoise that kept us company for a while as the sun went down.

Lindy’s lit up his cigar and has been in the groove on deck most of the day. Perfect afternoon for skimming into Cabo! Get the Pacifico ready!

S/V Condor. Out.