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cold showers

Here is the story of a remarkable man. Hein Schipper helmed a 45 footer to win his age category – 90 and over (OK there wasn’t much competition)in yesterday’s annual Seniors Race (skippers must be 60 or older) at Royal Cape Yacht Club in Cape Town, which fielded 63 entries and some ferocious competition with one 42 footer ending up with a large hole in it’s side. Hein is 100 years old and is still razor sharp. When I went to interview him after the prize-giving, I was told to call later, as he had to hurry off to a local football derby. How cool is that?

Born in Holland in 1911 he has lived through the great depression of the 1930’s, WW2, and the birth of a nation. He emigrated to South Africa in 1936 to find work, where he established a large group of companies specialising in electrical, steel and building industries.

He has always been a keen yachtsman and attributes his longevity to taking a long cold shower at the start of each day and sailing as much as possible.  – Trygve Roberts.