and then there were two


and then there were two

Abu Dhabi’s AZZAM hit nearly 42 knots on a wave and not coincidentally, she came up lame a short time later. Apparently they’ve delaminated aft of the keel on the port side of the boat, and are now limping along to land at around 10 knots, not unlike some of their friends. Here is some pretty incredible onboard repair footage. Our guess is that if this doesn’t hold, they will rely on some of Camper’s local knowledge with a diversion to Puerto Montt – and the repair facilities they’ll be building/using to fix the Kiwis’ bow. Who knew this little Chilean commercial port would be VOR’s 2012 Southern Station?

That makes an incredible 60% of the fleet in ‘pit stop’ mode or out of the leg completely. Much as we love the NASCAR analogy, this is much more like endurance sportscar racing. This leg, Renault (Groupama) and Audi (Puma) are way out in front, but the battle for 3,4,5 now comes down to pit strategy. Can’t pass on the Mulsanne Straight at Le Mans? Beat ’em with your pit crew.

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