tele conference

tele conference

The story we broke yesterday on Telefonica’s protest by the Jury for a leg 5 rule infraction was confirmed by organizers today with language from the protest itself, below. The hearing will happen sometime between the 16th and 20th of April, in Itajai, Brazil.

Following the attached report received on 18 March 2012 at 16:45 (NZ local Time) from the Measurement Group Chairman Shaun RITSON, the International Jury has decided to protest Telefonica under RRS 60.3 for an alleged breach of NOR 5.2.2

We did a little digging, and we can tell you with reasonable probability what the protest is about. This information is compiled from reliable reports, but it is still unsupported by hard evidence. Our suppositions:

  • Either one or multiple competitors saw what they believe to be two different storm jibs aboard Telefonica during Leg 4.
  • In her configuration leaving Sanya, Telefonica would only have been allowed one storm jib.
  • The competitor(s) turned their evidence over to the measurement group on arrival, which protested Telefonica after an inspection.
  • Assuming that the above is accurate, what kind of penalty could we see for an infraction like this?