expect miracles

expect miracles

She has touched more lives than anyone in Sailing Anarchy’s history, but Catherine/mainsheetgirl needs a miracle right now. If positive energy, love, prayers, hopes – anything – can make a difference, we beg you to send some of it her way. If you’d like to catch up on just what’s going on with the long time anarchist and her struggle with cancer, the latest update begins here. For the short form, here’s a note from close friend Daniel:

Once again, thanks for all the support and deep love. It’s a hard time but you’ve all made it full of love and praises.

Last night I went up to visit with wondermutt Zeke and we had a nice chill with her outside under the stars and planets. Jupiter, Venus, Mars…. Purty.
Cath was very excited and happy to see and pet mr. muttley, and he was happy to see her and he let out quite a few uncharacteristic howls. Deep and soulful, it was awesome. We went back upstairs and listened to a few dead songs off youtube. Stella Blue, Brokedown Palace and Box of Rain. I left her in the capable hands of her mom and sis and came home and slept for 11 hours and still wanting/needing more.

Cath has been open to seeing folks so if ya wanna swing by, it’s cool, but be prepared to have to wait down the hall while she preps, mentally emotionally, whatever…

She DID say she wants to see people though, so let someone know by posting in the thread – someone will get in touch with you with directions pretty quickly.

This morning, she met with one of her good poet pals Dennis Sullivan. They went through a lot of her work, choosing pieces for publication in a book that Dennis plans to compile. Her sister tells me that it really reminded her who she is and that it was also a great cathartic process.

Catherine is planning a party to be thrown in her honor, but yesterday she decided she’d like to be there for it. Sort of like a ‘living funeral’ where the honoree gets to hear all the wonderful things people say about them. I guess that’s happening here a bit already. I agree it’s fucked up to eulogize prematurely but should we ever wait to tell anyone how awesome we think they are? Hell NO!!

I don’t know what else to say but thanks to all of you. Elle, yer bewb display is, as someone noted, not only gorgeous but a most fitting tribute! Thanks for that!

Sol, thanks for making the masses aware of our current situation. I couldnt quite find the words and hadn’t gotten the ‘all clear’ go ahead from MSG yet. I’m so glad she gave you the word. One of the many things I have learned in the past 6 months here is let people tell their own story in their own time. Whew. Again, very glad she wants everyone on the same page now.

Maybe I am in denial but since it has been my job here for half a year to be ‘mr positive’ I still refuse to believe all hope is gone. Expect Miracles. Why the fuck not??

I can’t begin to tell you how exhausting this is for all of us. Bob, Dan and so many of you know exactly what I’m talking about. I just need to say thanks again. Whenever we needed strength, Y’all have been there.