gopro video thursday

gopro video thursday

We’re pleased to announce our latest monthly winner of a new GoPro HD Hero for the SA GoPro Video Contest – the first video below gets it! You guys and gals keep posting them to our Facebook page, and we’ll keep giving you awesome, free GoPros. Scout’s honor.


year in review

We are massive fans of the teenaged girls on the Wisconsin-based J/30 Rafiki, and this video from Kate Hayes shows they have more understanding about what makes sailing great than the most seasoned pro video team. These sailor chicks are poster children for “Saving Sailing” author Nicholas Hayes’ message that mentoring and enjoying sailing with friends and family are the keys for turning junior sailors into lifelong ones. Not coincidentally, Hayes’ daughter Kate is this video’s editor, and his other daughter, Elizabeth, also crews on the boat. Spinsheet writer Molly Winans did an exemplary story on Rafiki that’s worth reading, and our congrats to Kate and crew for making us smile, and winning a brand new GoPro Hero HD camera for our belated Februarycontest prize!


arab spring


Seamaster Sailing still produces some of the best storytelling in the sailing video world, and their March edition brings the added bonus of focusing on something truly groundbreaking; an all-girls Farr 30 team made up almost entirely of Omani women. They’ve come a long way, baby.


performance art


Seemingly inspired by the Windex and ocean wind forecast maps, SF’s Randall Museum has a new exterior installment called “Windswept” that’s right up our alley (It literally is right up someone’s alley). From Inhabitat.com (with thanks to Peter D for the tip):

“Windswept is a fascinating interactive facade that moves in response to the wind, revealing the exact direction it’s blowing at a specific location. Located on the exterior of the Randall Museum in San Francisco, Charles Sower’s wind-driven kinetic installation is part art and part science experiment. His precision instrument showcases the complex interactions between the wind and the building and gives us insight into something that isn’t normally invisible.”


flat stanley


For fans of technology, this 38-minute video presentation on the technology behind the AC broadcasts from yachting’s most personable geek is worth a look, even without being able to see Stan Honey’s PowerPoint doc in the video. From MIT’s Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. Pay close attention around the 37:36 minute mark for the SA shoutout. Hi Stan!


ice ink

Nothing helps get the word out faster to nonsailors than airtime on the big networks, and a few SA’ers helped get Good Morning America ‘adventure weather reporter’ Ginger Zee on the ice in Minnesota for this excellent mainstream report about iceboating. To those who made it happen (and you know who you are), nice work! Now who’s gonna get Miss Zee out on an A-Scow this summer?