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Let’s welcome YRC Partners as an advertiser here on Sailing Anarchy. YRC Partners has been offering yacht charter services, both racing and cruising since 2004. Their main offering is an IMX 45 which is based on the East Coast of the US, this boat is delivered ORC Cat 1 compliant and is ready to tackle any and all of the major distance races from the Block Island Race to the 2015 Transat.

The IMX 45 is a solid and proven winning design. This is a boat truly capable of winning, as proven in the 2006 Bermuda Race when an IMX 45 “Temptress” won the highly competitive Gibbs High Lighthouse Trophy awarded to the boat with the best corrected time in the Bermuda Race and Cybele won her class in the St David Lighthouse Division.

The team at YRC Partners has worked diligently over the years to optimize all aspects of the boat’s racing program. In 2008 YRC Partners engaged Evolution Sails in a sail development program. In addition to the outstanding sail inventory YRC Partners has spared no expense in outfitting the boat, the boat is a navigators dream, and includes: B&G 3000, on board pc with 17” LCD monitor with Expedition software, a satellite telephone with unlimited minutes for both voice and data, Radar, a cellular amplifier and a host of other features all designed to make this a winning platform. Check it out!